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Harper for El Cajon City Council 2020

The only way change happens is when you make it happen. . . . VOTE

Do the Right Thing: Make Your Vote Count.


The new face of our Homeless

      Her name is "Joy" because that is what she brings to our lives, her mother told me. I wondered as I  walked away,  what kind of life does this little girl have to look forward to here in El Cajon? So many of our homeless have become homeless while living here in El Cajon and a lot of them are women and children.  The homeless children of our city are being raised in cars and motel rooms and those are the ones who have it good.  My heart can't turn a blind eye to what is going on, something has to change.

      The city government thinks this problem will go away if we just ignore the situation and they have shown us that time and again, most recent the city not renewing the lease with Crisis House. This organization has been helping out the poor and homeless in El Cajon for the last 20 years and now the city won't renew the $1 a year lease because they don't want the guest of the new hotel to see our plight.  

I have so many ideas that could change the future for kids like little Joy and  that could really make a difference to some homeless families. More to come. . . 

Upcoming Events

FRI 10/30

2:00 pm - Canvas cars 

w/ friends and family

Wed. 10/28 

7:00 pm - Candidate Forum 


Update on date and time for another car a van


Wells Park

Wells Park was a gift to our city by Helen, Anita and James Wells in 1952, later in 1957 the city bought the last 8 acres and the park was opened to the public.  Wells is the biggest park in El Cajon but is not the nicest.  For the past 5 years the city has been promising the citizens that improvements are coming, even budgeted out over a million dollars but was never allocated the funds. Why? I don't remember that being on agenda to take that money away.  I will  make sure this is the best park in El Cajon if elected.