Harper for El Cajon City Council 2020


Do the Right Thing: Make Your Vote Count.


What Needs to Be Resolved

There are various pressing issues regarding the current governance of El Cajon, California. For me, each one is just as important as the other, and therefore, needs to find resolve.

I intend to achieve this through transformative leadership, inclusive policies, and focused pro-people programs. Help me make this possible by throwing your support behind the Harper for El Cajon City Council 2020 campaign.

Things could be getting better for the citizens of El Cajon all they need to do is one thing . . . .VOTE STEPAHNIE HARPER FOR DISTRICT #2 !!

This last city council meeting on June 23, 2020 was a disappointing meeting .   Agenda item #14 Regarding the termination of the "Crisis House" which is an organization that has been in El Cajon for like 50 years.  The city was charging them $1 for rent each year and giving them the money from the cellar tower that is also on the property. The help from the city was great and the Crisis House flourished taking on more cases and more services to help different types of people in need.  But the city has all of a sudden had a change of heart and is not going to renew the lease.  WHY?? I will tell you, because of the new hotel that has not opened up yet. They do not want the hotel guest to see our city's plight.  To me,to choose money over people is just wrong and unjust to those in need.  If the city government is embrassed of the citizens then maybe they need to reevaluate the job they are doing. 

The other item was the redesign of the Hillside park.  I thought this was a slap in the face to all citizens that used to enjoy Wells Park (which is in dist.2).  How can they start working on that park before all the items that were promised to Wells are done?  When I asked this question I was answered that all parts of both phases were complete, which is just not true.  When I become council member for district 2, I will make sure that all that was promised in the master plan are going to happen including a refreshing splash pad,  the drought is over, let the fun begin!


More and more people are becoming homeless while living in our city which is very disturbing to me. 

I think to myself "How easy would it be for almost anyone to become homeless?" This is the type of question I am sure you have asked your self at least once.  The answer is . . . . It would be quite easy to find your self homeless.  All it would take it an injury or a sickness that would keep you out of work and if you had no savings for such a thing, you could find your self on the streets.  So I choose to help those who already find themselves in the awful situation.  It is not a crime to be homeless but it is a battle for anyone who faces it. I have a plan to really do something and help those who need it out.